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Splash Finishing Spray and Fashion Splash extra firm hold aerosol have long been leaders in strong control. Splash Flexible Hold Spray and Flexible Splash aerosol now offer flexible design and finishing control. Alcohol free Splash Sculpting Firm Gel makes ultimate molding and everyday possibility. These products are silicone free and ozone friendly. Focus 21 styling effectiveness does not compromise nature.

Seaplasma All Purpose Hair and Skin Moisturizer, a favorite in the Seaplasma line teal colored bottle, is available in the black bottle compatible with Splash fixatives. This permits expanding on its loyal following among those who prefer moisturizing in tune with nature.

Pansea pack is a versatile intensive conditioner that delivers nutrients into the hair shaft promoting thick, shiny, healthy, manageable hair. This successful niche product stands on its own. PANASEA HAIR REPAIR DETANGLING SHAMPOO washes in daily repair.

Art Form Sculpting Spray permits styling and control simultaneously.
Changes Hair Spray makes light workable styling easy.
Reconditioning Formula infuses mint, vitamins, and herbs to strengthen hair and scalp. Jojoba Shampoo naturally balances oils and helps thicken hair.